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Divorce doesn't need to be one-sided. Civil disputes don't need to end in anger and resentment. Make sure everyone's needs are met by working with a skilled mediation attorney in Lebanon, TN.

McBrien Law Group has been providing mediation services for over 30 years. Our mediation attorney will represent your best interests and negotiate aggressively on your behalf.

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  • Divorce mediation attorney: Work toward an uncontested divorce with help from a professional mediator.
  • Business law attorney: McBrien Law Group can handle all your business formation documentation.
  • Civil litigation attorney: Resolve conflicts with your neighbors, business partners, tenants or family members.

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You don't need to be facing legal trouble to retain a business attorney from McBrien Law Group. An experienced business attorney can help you with...

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Chelle Z

Shawn and Martha have been great!! We needed someone who is down to earth and yet able to translate contracts so that we knew what we were getting and giving. Shawn has been honest and willing to take the necessary steps to protect us and our business. Definitely recommend for business contract law!!


Donna L

McBrien Law Group

Shawn McBrien, my attorney,

I want to thank you for the help, and the peace of mind you have given me as your client, in many difference circumstances, yet again.

When things happen in our lives that are too large for us to handle and like of knowledge in a situation . It is wonderful when you have an attorney you know you can pick up that phone, go in set down with, go over the circumstances. He studies the situation and explains in terms I can understand. The best way I can explain is if you know something horrible is going to happen, you go over with him and he says ok, we are going to do this and this and everything will be fine. You know it will because he has handled things for you before. You know it will be done and done correctly . Mr. McBrien is real,sincere, honest, has compassion for each of his clients.He is very knowledgeable, professional, firm in solving your problem. That is who he is and what he does for his people he is representing. When you walk out that office the burden is lifted.
I highly recommend the McBrien Law Group to help you when you need an attorney and a friend. I know whenever I have legal matters; in my Life I want Shawn McBrien and his Group by my side.